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OMG An About Me? D:
made by AnC_Q My name's Susan. I'm a seventeen year old soon to be senior in high school. I currently live in South Carolina, but I really hope to change that soon. I have a melancholic personality.

I like to play video games, particularly the Final Fantasy series. (VII's my favorite, though I also love VI, IX, and X.) Other games I like are Shadow Hearts Covenant, the Fatal Frame series, Soul Calibur II and III,, Radiata Stories, Kingdom Hearts, Xenosaga, Legend of Dragoon, Crash Bandicoot, Ehrgeiz, and so on~

I seem to have a thing for characters who have names that start with an 'S'. First there was Scar, but now there's Sephiroth, Septimus and Severus Snape. (Sephiroth's my favorite out of the lot, though--But believe me, I'm not one of those "He's destined to marry me in another world!" types.)

And as for real people... I adore Bela Lugosi, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Neil Gaiman. They're awesome~

Feel free to add me on my other account, tranquilmayhem! (And don't let this bio keep you from doing so--I suck at describing myself, sorry!)

This is just my sales/community Livejournal. If you have any questions regarding the items I'm selling, comment me, e-mail me at dizzyshinigami[at]yahoo.com, or use AIM. My screenname's Countess Lugosi.

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